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Our team works holistically to engineer and execute custom tailored comprehensive solutions for your venture. We know that success is dynamic; our expertise is growing brands in a myriad of interconnected ways. We work in all areas of consumer products and entertainment, publishing, television and movie franchises, apps and video games, and several A-list celebrities.

Our Clients

Founded by Lisa Shamus more than a decade ago, LS&P has worked with the top corporate and entertainment brands in all distribution channels and in all product categories.


What We Do

Smart branding isn’t (only) a pretty logo. It’s about finding innovative ways to expand; in fact, our clients are usually surprised by some of our forward-thinking ideas. We engineer comprehensive brand plans and strategies that deliver solid growth. We assess, we design strategies, we forecast, we recruit when necessary and we create solid brand plans. Our experience and expertise are put to use as we mastermind, and then either execute - or help your team execute - the final plan.


We listen. We assess. Then we transform your vision into a solid platform. That might include logos, names, websites, mission statement, color palette, a “voice,” packaging, advertising, etc. We provide you with a “brand book” so that your team will always execute projects in a consistent, impactful way.


We are adept at finding custom-made marketing platforms to grow your business. Sometimes it’s social media. Sometimes it’s through licensing. Sometimes it’s advertising. And sometimes, we find partners for your brand to help you grow in ways you never considered.


Our roots are in the licensing business. Most of our clients (but not all) can strategically benefit from some meaningful brand extensions. We identify those avenues, find the partners, execute the licensing arrangements and oversee production of the branded items. We also work with all of the major retailers to ensure successful product placement. We are a full service agency for both licensees and licensor.

Executive Bio

When you think of any of the blockbuster toy and licensing phenomena in the past 25 years, it’s a safe bet that Lisa Shamus had her hand in its development. With a career spanning over a two decades and hundreds of deals, Lisa has worked extensively on the hottest introductions, including megahits Disney, Angry Birds, Marvel Comics, Ted and KenKen.

Known as the licensing executive with the “Midas Touch,” Lisa instinctively knows how to create chart-busting hits. An outsider might say she’s been lucky, but insiders know that selecting and cultivating the right brands products with brilliant strategy is no coincidence. She has the contacts, the resources, the intelligence, and the uncanny instinct to fearlessly create mega-hit after mega-hit. And her expertise and business acumen extend well beyond consumer products and licensing; Lisa is a highly sought-after business consultant and speaker who delivers solid growth strategies to start-ups and large corporations.. She has an uncanny knack for growing businesses through specific, tailor-made opportunities. There is not a single business that couldn’t benefit from Lisa’s insight.

Megahits don’t just happen; Lisa makes them happen. And she can make them happen for you.
Lisa’s experience includes:
  • Calvin Klein/Adrienne Vittadini, Licensing
  • The Walt Disney Company, Licensing
  • Marvel Comics, VP Licensing & Strategic Partnerships
  • Joester-Loria, VP Licensing
  • Commonwealth Toy, Executive VP
  • Women In Toys, Committee Chair, Speaker and Member
  • LIMA, Award Recipient and Board Member
  • TIA, Award Recipient
  • Luminary Partners, Advisor
  • Women for Women, Speaker
  • VStar Entertainment Group, Board of Advisors


Case Studies

Mountain Creek

When faced with dwindling occupancy due to unreliable weather and lackluster marketing efforts, this top resort brought Lisa Shamus to mastermind their growth strategy. Not only did she develop a solid business plan that included mega-growth, she created an operational culture that enabled the resort owners to execute the plan with ease. Her vision included some out-of-the-box thinking that the hospitality owners had never considered, including tenanting adjacent properties with other destination brands. She opened up the entire process and created an extremely successful brand for her client.


Let’s face it – this character didn’t fit the typical toy mold. Who in their right mind would pitch a toy company to launch R-Rated merchandise? LSP saw beyond the barriers (which were considerable) and built a young-adult megabrand. LSP broke with tradition and built this megahit without the tried-and-true toy mass merchants. Lisa’s proven success with South Park and Marvel Comics enabled her to create a totally unique, and wildly successful, brand plan for TED. The proof? Over 1,000,000 TED products sold, and counting.

Angry Birds

A perfect example of a “phenomenon” that appeared to take the country by storm. What few know is that Lisa spent over one year developing not only the products, but also the perfect strategy to carefully create and execute what this “perfect storm.” After less than 24 months, sales for her client exceeded $200,000,000.


When Lisa was approached to develop a licensing program for Japanese math puzzle, she put her strategy hat on and created a branding, syndication and licensing program. In just a few short months, KenKen was a phenomenon, and was available in newspapers and books worldwide and appears daily in papers (including The New York Times).

Jessica Simpson Jewelry

Challenge: Find a brand that could serve as a marketing hook and license for a national line of diamond jewelry. After an extensive search and brand analysis, Lisa developed a licensing program that reflected their clientele, their retail landscape and their sales goals. With the addition of JESSICA SIMPSON, the product line soared and is now available in thousands of retail outlets. Brilliant.

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